The Superfight That Has To Happen

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So the twitterverse blew up last night when UFC revealed that Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier will fight at UFC 226 on July 7th. The reaction mostly positive but of course there were fans that had to voice the cons of such a fight. It is rumored that at UFC 226 Cyborg vs Amanda Nunes and Demetrious Johnson vs TJ Dillashaw will happen as well. As great as those fights are, the hardcore MMA fans and journalists are saying this is a short term fix to a bigger problem. I do agree to a point but can we just enjoy the news for a minute?

For all the complaining that fans are doing about how this doesn’t fix problems in the long run, what do you suggest the UFC to do? Let’s be honest about the current options they have in those divisions.

Men’s Flyweight

Is there anyone else that Mighty Mouse can fight? A fight that isn’t a rematch? A fight that the fans would be interested in? NO. A fight between Demetrious & TJ is interesting and should happen.

Women’s Bantamweight

It has turned into a snoozefest. There is nothing going on. Amanda Nunes can’t and shouldn’t continue to fight women she has already fought with. Now that Ronda is gone, it seems like the fans don’t really care about this division.

Men’s Bantamweight

Now this is a division with some spark. It’s the only division I’m slightly worried about being held up. There are potential matchups that will keep the fans interested that don’t include a championship fight. The dark horse of this division in my opinion is Jimmie Rivera and it seems like everyone is ducking him. Dominick Cruz has healed from his injury and back in the gym. Cody Garbrandt is healthy so I’m not sure why he isn’t fighting. I guess he’s just being a sweet husband and taking care of his wife while she is pregnant. Rob Font is coming off a great win against Thomas Almeida.

Women’s Featherweight

Unfortunately it’s barely a division. Besides Megan Anderson, who can Cyborg fight?

Light Heavyweight

Another division that doesn’t have enough top contenders. Maybe the fans would like to see a rematch between Gustafsson and DC. That seems like the only possible option. The only other fight that could maybe happen is DC vs Jimi Manuwa. I don’t know who wants to see that fight happen except Jimi Manuwa.


Stipe has fought the best of the best already. Are there any other top contenders in his division at the moment? NO.

The facts are that the UFC doesn’t have that many options for these divisions. There are a few factors contributing to this. Lack of top contenders, can’t have anymore rematches, and lack of stars in divisions.

If there is any super fight that has made sense for the few years that I have been watching, it’s Stipe vs DC.


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