Boring Bantamweight

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Looking at the current women’s bantamweight division I’m curious how the fighters will bring some life back to it. Of all the divisions, it looks the least interesting. I love Amanda Nunes. I love her fighting style and what she brings to the division. The problem isn’t Amanda Nunes. It’s the other fighters in her division. When I look at other divisions I envision so many potential matchups. In the Women’s bantamweight, I can’t imagine myself getting excited for any of them.

I’ve been following UFC for a few years now so I’ve become very familiar with majority of the fighters. Fighters are making a name for themselves in a variety of ways. Whether it’s in the octagon or outside of it, a fighter that wants to be known will make it happen. That currently doesn’t seem to be happening in the Women’s Bantamweight division. I look at the rankings and I feel as if I barely know who any of these fighters are. How can the UFC make a fight from this division as a main event?

Not every fighter needs to be known for their antics outside of the octagon. Fighters should make a name for themselves because of their fighting style. There’s something that they do in the octagon that captivates the audience at the stadium and those watching at home. At this time no one is talking about the women’s bantamweight division at all. Who stands out? Who will Amanda Nunes fight next? I don’t even see anyone in her division calling her out.  I can’t recall the last time I saw an exciting fight in bantamweight. I also can’t name a fighter that I’m excited about.

I doubt anyone is questioning what Ronda Rousey brought to the division or for the sport but if it wasn’t clear before it’s definitely clear now. It’s been over a year since her last fight and the division is quieter than ever.  Miesha Tate retired and Valentina Shevchenko fought Amanda Nunes twice already. Ronda is enjoying married life, Miesha’s out, and Valentina could fight Amanda for a third time. What are the current options for the bantamweight division? I’m not sure if Amanda Nunes would like to clean out her division. Or maybe she feels her division isn’t that exciting. It’s even clearer that nothing is happening at bantamweight when the next fight Dana White wants to make for Amanda Nunes is with Cris Cyborg. I’m not against her fighting Cyborg, if that’s what she really wants, but what about her division? What about her defending her belt?

There seems to be more potential in the new flyweight division. There are a few women in bantamweight that are interested in moving down and some in strawweight that want to move up. With all the buzz that’s surrounding the flyweight and strawweight divisions, what’s is going to take to bring some life back into the bantamweight division?


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