Amber Rose: Unapologetic Bitch

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The other day Amber Rose found herself in interesting territory. She’s no stranger to controversy but her comments on the unattractiveness of people in Philly really pissed people off. The interview happened almost two weeks ago and went unnoticed until someone decided to focus on her opening comments and it went viral.

A friend of mine posted the clip on her Facebook and when I watched it I was a bit surprised to hear what she was saying.  Amber Rose is known for talking about body positivity and embracing yourself but then she goes on to bash a whole city as being unattractive. It didn’t make any sense. Also, she didn’t answer Nore’s question. He asked her what was her determination to leave Philly, better herself and be somebody? We already know how she answered. Since this clip was trending I decided to watch the entire interview today. I wanted to see the context in which it was said. I also wanted to hear the entire interview because I didn’t want to formulate a negative opinion just because of what someone posted. We live in a time when we are so quick to focus on one thing rather than the whole thing. We basically have the inability to look at some objectively.

Thousands, possibly millions of people bashed Amber Rose for her comments. What I’m sure they didn’t do is listen to the rest of the interview. As I’m writing this, the interview which is posted on YouTube, has less than 500,000 views. I’m sure that the clip of her comments has over a million. So now people have an even more negative perception of Amber Rose. The comments that Amber Rose made were a little strange but that shouldn’t give people a overall negative view about her or the interview. It was a two and a half hour podcast in which Nore and Amber Rose discussed many topics.

I don’t want to focus so much on the comments that are unflattering but rather focus on the other comments she made. Besides being known for her look shes also known for her honesty. The topic of Kanye has been over discussed but this was the first time I heard her discuss what it was really like to go from a regular person to suddenly becoming famous because you’re dating someone famous. She talked about her life after they broke up and how she was famous but broke. She discussed dating and how it’s been since she has been famous. And most importantly she discussed her annual Slut Walk.

Amber Rose is one of few former girlfriends that became famous after dating someone famous. The only females I can think of that were in similar situations like her were Elizabeth Hurley and Karrueche Tran. In her interview she talked about how she went from being a regular everyday person to almost instantly being one of the most photographed people while she was dating Kanye. It wasn’t a smooth transition from her. As soon as she started dating him she was traveling the world, eating at the finest restaurants, wearing expensive clothes, going to award shows, and partying with celebrities. It was a whole new world to her. After dating for two years they broke it off and she didn’t know what to do. She was famous but broke. Including an email address in her Instagram profile is what really changed her life.

People have this misconception that if you’re famous that means you have money. Well it’s not true. At least it wasn’t in the case of Amber. After her relationship ended, she had to figure things out. As we have seen, Amber has established herself in many ways. She’s written a book, starred in movies, and I think the most important thing she has done is start her annual Slut Walk.

Right now, she is the only woman openly promoting a sexually positive message. Yes I know there are other women that have discussed sex and women’s sexuality but right now she is the most vocal one. There are so many female celebrities that embrace dressing in a sexually appealing way but when it comes to discussing sex they won’t. I think a lot of women instead attack each other for being sexual even when they are doing the same exact thing. Amber Rose walks the walk and talks the talk. She encourages everyone to embrace their sexuality and own it. It’s a judgement free zone. It’s a obvious observation but she made a great point during the interview. If a guy gives a girl head and enjoys doing it, it’s not a big deal. But if a girl does it and enjoys it shes called a slut or a hoe for it. It doesn’t make any sense. Amber Rose may not be the person to put an end to “slut-shaming” but at least she’s doing something. Regardless of what your age is, I think she is someone that you can look up to.

Prior to hearing Amber’s interview on Drink Champs I listened to the interview Howard Stern did with Robert Pattinson. Howard asked him about dating and relationships when your famous. Howard said when you’re famous you can date whomever you want. Robert Pattinson said that when you’re famous it actually narrows it down. You become paranoid, people think they want to have a relationship with you and then realize that they really don’t. You aren’t able to do the same things. There’s an imbalance in the relationship. Amber also talked about this during the podcast. Things really change when you become famous. The type of person you want to date is different from when you were just a regular everyday person. You’re not sure who to trust. And it’s hard to find someone that can deal with the everyday life of a celebrity.

I can’t defend Amber Rose’s comments about Philly girls being unattractive. But I can accept the apology now after listening to the entire interview. She didn’t articulate her explanation well at all. People make mistakes. It happens everyday. It just sucks that this great interview is being looked over because this snippet.

We live in a time when information is being thrown at us so quickly. We don’t think to give it extra time to come up with our own opinion. The point of the video was to cast Amber in a negative light like she is some vain woman that looks down upon others. And that’s exactly what happened. My friend that posted the video had nothing but negative comments from her friends directed at Amber. I wonder how many of them decided to watch the entire interview.



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