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The past 6 months have been relatively quiet for MMA but it’s about to get really exciting. The odd thing is it’s not even that MMA is about to get really exciting. The entertaining chaos that has been missing will be back in our lives on Tuesday. The first stop of the press tour for Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather starts in Los Angeles at the Staples Center.

Now I am not the biggest Conor McGregor fan but I LOVE everything about his press conferences.  As anyone who is a fan of UFC and fighting knows, he’s currently the only person that can bring enormous amount of attention to the sport. This press tour most definitely will not disappoint.

This fight between McGregor and Mayweather is going into unknown territory. Something like this has never happened before. I don’t watch boxing and I know very little about Mayweather.  What I do know about Mayweather is what everyone else pretty much knows. He’s undefeated, shows off how much money he has, allegedly beat a few women, and I think is currently in the strip club business. The question that I have, is he ready for the chaos that comes with Conor? That remains to be seen. I’ve watched his trash talk and it doesn’t look like Floyd is scared to give anyone his honest opinion. He doesn’t look like the type to back down from anything. But can Conor ruffle his feathers? Floyd seems to think no but I think Conor has a chance.

The press tour starts on Tuesday and ends on Friday in London. Can Floyd Mayweather handle that many hours with Conor McGregor? As I’m writing this, I’m chuckling and thinking to myself that he probably can’t. It’s possible that McGregor will get under Mayweather’s skin just like he did Jose Aldo.

All the questions that the fan’s have will be answered this week.

Will he get under Floyd’s skin?

Who will the crowd go crazy for?

Will Ireland show up for Conor like they always do?

Will Conor and Floyd Sr. fight?

All I can say is that I am very excited for this press tour!!!!





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